I was doing a lot of reading about global climate change at the same time I was looking for something meaningful in my photography. That reading led me to examine my relationship with nature. We ascribe all sorts of human values to nature and, in landscape photography, most of those values are positive. Landscape photography tends to celebrate sunsets, sun rises, rainbows, misty valleys....

There is, of course, another side to nature, a darker side. While the natural world around us can elicit joy it can also elicit primal fear. I came to see the real beauty in nature as an embodiment of both. The combination of light and dark which defines beauty became my theme. It took me close to two years to work out a style that I hope welcomes the viewer to my subject, but also creates the sense that, here there are forces to be feared.

After settling on a theme and a style I returned to Peggy’s Cove and took these images not far from the lighthouse:

My Nova Scotia landscapes--and my Iceland images--mark a major change in the way I approach photography.