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Our home for six weeks


Iceland is a small country—three hundred and thirty seven thousand people. Most of them live in the two main cities, Akureyri in the North and Reykjavik in the South. The Ring Road, the main highway that circumnavigates the country, is a 1,300 kilometer drive. You can do it in a day. Myra and I were there twice and each time we spent close to three weeks driving along the The Ring Road with many side trips.


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Our Bed Room


Our Living Room

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Our Kitchen

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Our dining area...subject to change with each meal

Nearly every day we hiked in spots where one misstep would have meant disaster. One evening, after a long climb, we were were descending a precipitous path that cut into the side of a mountain. The path, sometimes barely two feet wide and sprinkled with fist sized rocks, paralleled a stream that roared over jagged lava formations sixty feet straight down. Myra was a few paces ahead of me.

“I was just thinking,” I called out to her, “that if I hid behind a boulder and you turned around, you’d think that I’d fallen into the rapids below. But,” I added, ”even I wouldn’t pull a prank like that.”

“You know what I was thinking?” she replied.


“If you fell over the edge, the keys to the van are in your pocket."